OIK Industries Custom Metal Fabricators


Ornimental Stairway
Ornamental Railings
OIK was founded with a focus on ornamental railings. More than forty five years later, the tradition of quality made custom railings continues. This type of railing ranges in style from a simple rail with a molded cap to elaborate castings interwoven together. OIK employs artisans who cannot only hammer out custom ornate railing designs but can also incorporate into those designs your hobbies and passions.
Stryker Corporate Stairway
Cable Railings
This style of railing is becoming increasingly popular as a visually unobstructed design. They are often used on decks and patios where a clear view of the outdoors is desired. Cable railings are also finding their way indoors where the owner needs a railing system that attracts little attention.
Bronson Hospital
Pipe Railings
These railings have long been a staple of commercial and industrial construction. The versatility of pipe allows for many different styles ranging from multiple horizontal members to pipe and spindle combinations. OIK can produce single line pipe rails to assist people walking up steps as well as large scale guard rails on stairways. In addition to regular pipe rails, OIK offers square and rectangle tube rails as an option. Steel tube rails are often used in combination with round pipe to create unique looks.
Kalamazoo Sign
Glass Railings
OIK offers this style railing as an alternative for customers who want a transparent look. They can be done within a pipe frame or as a free-standing railing. Glass can be used on a stair or in a curved section and can also be completely transparent or etched with a decorative design.

Railings from OIK can be made using a variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and brass.