OIK Industries Custom Metal Fabricators


Concrete Filled Metal Pan Stairs
Concrete Filled Metal Pan Stairs
These are the most common type of stairway built by OIK. Whether making an architectural statement or providing access to multiple floors, concrete filled metal pan stairs can fill many needs. They can fit between walls or be enclosed with railings, be supported by the building's floors or be a self-supporting stair tower. They stairways can be straight or curved as well.
Grating Tread Stair
Grating Tread Stairways
Known for their use in industrial settings, the cost of using grating v.s. concrete filled stairs is significantly lower, this makes it ideal for industrial applications where quality and cost must balance. The same concept applies when building catwalks. Grating tread stairs also work for any exterior application where a surface that allows water and snow to pass through is desired.
Checker Plate Stairs
Checker Plate Stairs
Like grating tread stairs, checker plate stairs are mostly found in industrial settings. Unlike grating, however, checker plate offers more of a visual barrier. OIK utilizes checker plate stairs in its own facilities.
Outdoor Spiral Staircase
Spiral Staircase
The most popular type of stairs for a residential setting. The advantage of a spiral staircase comes in the form of space saving as well as a unique look. Tread on a spiral staircase can be checker plate, plain plate, grating, or even wood. OIK has built a network of suppliers which, when combined with OIK's fabrication and finishing abilities, provides customers with a cost effective quality product. This unique position in the market allows OIK to provide a wide range of spiral staircase styles.

All types of stairs can be made from channel, tube steel, or plate stringers. Each type of stairway offers its own unique set of characteristics and can be made out of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum.